Tomb of Cowards

Tomb of Cowards dungeon map. Click here to purchase from DriveThruRPG.This is the Tomb of Cowards.

A century ago, the town of Cragfall called upon the services of three brothers to help them defend the citizens from a looming dragon attack. When the attack arrived, the brothers fled from the danger and hid behind the townsfolk rather than fight the enemy. In the end, the brothers were each killed and the citizens defeated the dragon. As punishment for their disgrace, the town built this tomb for the brothers so that they might rest in shame for eternity.

This dungeon is a reflection of the men entombed within it. It is all about hiding and escaping from danger. Every passage from the main chamber is concealed. There are traps in the form of holes that someone can hide in. The largest area is filled with columns that make it easy for creatures to quickly take cover.

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Tomb of Cowards Dungeon Notes

Location Characteristics

This tomb is hot and damp and has a foul stench in the air throughout.

All the chambers are unlit.

Area 1

The entry shaft is just 5 feet across and extends 60 feet up to the surface.

The iron door is locked.

Area 2

The hole where the rancid swamp water is coming from is no bigger than a cat. Peering into the hole reveals only darkness on the other side.

The walls here are covered with faded text that tells the tale of the three brothers that pledged to defend the town of Cragfall from a looming dragon attack. When the time came, they each abandoned their post. It was only the bravery of the citizens that saved the town. The brothers were killed by the dragon and the town entombed them here to shame them for eternity.

At each hidden door is a fresco of the corresponding brother. Any investigation of the images reveals signs of the door.

Area 3

There are a few crates that rotted years ago, and some rats have built a nest in the corner. Many vines hang from the ceiling. The ledge to the tomb is 20 feet above the ground and takes a keen eye to spot.

The tomb belongs to Gignis—the youngest of the brothers. His ghost is initially hiding in Area 4 but will fight to the death if confronted here. He has a magical bow.

Area 4

This area has no natural light and has the foulest smell in the entire dungeon. The swamp water is only a foot deep in most places but is filled with poisonous spores that become airborne if disturbed.

The ghosts of all three brothers are here. They hide amongst the pillars and try to sneak up on anyone that enters. They will inflict damage before scurrying back into the shadows. As in life, they are cowards in death and are easily intimidated. If they are frightened or take substantial damage, they will each retreat to their individual tombs, where they fight until defeated.

Each of the ghosts carries a magical weapon that can only be taken from them if they are defeated.

Area 5

The oldest brother, Gallant, is entombed here. He fights to the death from this location and carries a magical sword.

Area 6

The iron door to the east is locked and trapped. The hidden room to the west contains the treasure that was paid to the brothers. Messages on the wall indicate this treasure is cursed.

Area 7

This passageway is littered with trap doors covering deep pits. Each pit is 20 feet deep and they are not connected. Only a keen eye will be able to spot the trap doors.

The iron door leading to Area 8 is locked and trapped.

Area 8

The iron door to the west is locked. The middle brother, Gaius, rests here. He is initially in Area 4 but will fight to the death if confronted here.

He carries a magical cloak.

Area 9

A conjured spirit appears once any member of the party enters this room. If the brothers have been defeated, then the spirit is welcoming and offers a reward concealed in the floor. If the brothers have not been defeated, then the spirit calls the party a group of cowards and orders them to leave in shame. If the party refuses, the spirit fights to the death and pursues the group as far as Area 1.

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