Smoldering Catacombs

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This is The Smoldering Catacombs.

This tomb was constructed ages ago near the base of a dormant volcano. When the volcano came back to life, it began to reclaim the land around it. These catacombs are slowly falling victim to the underground lava flows. Multiple holes have opened up in the floor revealing lava just five to ten feet below the surface. Eventually the entire dungeon will be consumed along with the treasures within.

Navigating this dungeon can be a challenge, as the lava puts out an incredible amount of heat. Naturally, creatures with a resistance to, or complete immunity from, heat-related damage regularly use this location as a home. Most seem uninterested in the treasures that can be found here, but will defend their sanctum if required.

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Smoldering Catacombs Dungeon Notes

Location Characteristics

It is very hot throughout the catacombs. Anyone spending more than a minute in the areas containing lava must succeed at regular checks or suffer exhaustion.

Area 1

The iron doors to the east are extremely hot to the touch and are locked. Anyone that touches these doors will take damage. The doors to the south are cool by comparison, and also locked.

Area 2

A single sarcophagus sits at the southern wall. It is plain, but the walls are carved with reliefs showing a couple going on various adventures.

Area 3

The lava pit in this room, and Area 4, is 10 feet down. The heat is distracting. There are a couple sarcophagi along the wall. They are sealed and unmarked. There are reliefs carved in the walls above them with runes. Small crystals in these reliefs could be pried free. The hidden door to the north is easily spotted as the deterioration of the catacombs has crumbled much of the vegetation that shielded it.

Area 4

In the alcove on the eastern wall is a throne made of granite. Sitting in it is a Magma Mephit. Beside him are a number of companions. They shout threats to anyone they see in Area 3 and immediately attack if anyone crosses into this area.

Area 5

At the far end of this corridor is a small stone table. Atop it is a large piece of obsidian carved in the shape of a shield. It provides resistance to heat-related damage to anyone who holds it. The hidden door to the north is covered with dead vines that have dried up from the heat. Anyone nearby notices a warm breeze coming from the wall at that spot.

Area 6

A friendly goblin lies dying on the floor here. She attempted to explore the tomb, but the heat was too much. If healed, she shares her knowledge of the hidden door in Area 5 and speaks of something wonderful in Area 7. If restored to full health, she will join the party for a share of the treasure.

Area 7

The southern wall of this area contains a partially completed relief of a couple being wed. This relief cannot be seen from Area 6. The couple is wearing amulets around their necks. Those amulets are attached to the wall and can be removed with a little effort. Some study of them reveals that they each have a single charge to cast a spell that deals cold damage.

Area 8

A small storage room with crates that rotted years ago.

Area 9

The two sarcophagi in this area are plain except for a shield carved in the cover of each. At the foot of each is a sword and shield that are slowly rusting away. Any attempt to remove the stone lids activates a trap that conjures a number of undead creatures.

Area 10

Two empty sarcophagi with no lids occupy this area. They do not appear to have been looted but rather never filled. Unlike the other chambers, this one has thriving vegetation. Vines cover all the walls. If these are disturbed, they unleash poison.

Area 11

The most ornate tomb in the catacombs. Reliefs on all the walls with gems embedded throughout. The sarcophagus is equally decorated. If disturbed, a ghost rises from the sarcophagus and challenges the party to combat. But he can be negotiated with.

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