OSNPC Dungeon Clash

OSNPC Dungeon Clash is an exclusive series of online combat encounters that use community feedback to determine the actions of the characters in each round.

The series follows the following format…

  • A new episode is posted on the OldSchoolNPC YouTube Channel
  • Each episode details the actions from the prior round and sets the stage for the next round 
  • Players leave comments on the video in YouTube with your suggestions on what actions the characters should take in the next round
  • After a few days, the suggestions are reviewed and specific actions are selected
  • A new episode is created showing the outcome of the chosen actions
  • The process repeats until the encounter is concluded

Each series presents a different scenario. The specific ruleset being used is determined at the start of each series. Due to the lack of real-time communication during each episode, rules are interpreted liberally.

Anyone can play, but if you want the full experience, subscribe to the newsletter (it’s free). As a newsletter subscriber, you get…

  • Access to the Dungeon Clash character sheets (including updates during the series)
  • Exclusive Dungeon Clash updates with additional details about the prior round
  • Access to all the regular newsletter posts

Series Information

Series 03

Premieres: January 30, 2023
Finale: TBD
Episodes: TBD
System: Pathfinder 2e

Anyone can play along, but only subscribers can get the character sheets. Subscribe today. (It’s free)

Series 1 encounter map

Series 02

Premiere: November 29, 2022
Finale: December 15, 2022
Episodes: 6
System: D&D 5e

More complicated combat encounter that built upon what was learned in Series 1.

Series 1 encounter map

Series 01

Premiere: November 13, 2022
Finale: November 15, 2022
Episodes: 3
System: D&D 5e

First experimental encounter to test the feasibility of such a series.

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