Obsidian Heart

This is Obsidian Heart.

Sometimes the best hiding place is, in plain sight. This lava-filled cavern is often used by bandits and other unsavory creatures as a place to store their loot until they can move it to a safer location. Just placing the treasure at the center of the Obsidian Heart discourages casual travelers from snatching it. But what about the more courageous adventurers?

It took a while for this map to come together. I wanted to have a central location with multiple paths to reach it. I liked the idea of one path being the easier path, but a more difficult conclusion, while the other path was a difficult road, but an easy climax. When I was done, the result had the look of a heart with a pair of lungs. With lava at the core, the name just came together naturally.

Key Features

  • Area 1 presents the party with an immediate choice. Left? Or right?
  • A hidden room, Area 2, is a good place to hide some treasure that might help them in the heart.
  • Before descending into the heart, Area 3 could be where the party meets up with guards protecting the treasure
  • Area 4 has a lot of possibilities. It could be a combat encounter or, even better, a role playing encounter with the owner of the treasure
  • The heart itself, Area 7, has two entrances. From the left you are only a couple steps from the center, but the ledge on the right is at least 20′ above the lava making it a more difficult challenge.

How Did I Draw This Map?


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