Nastja’s Ascension

Nastja's Ascension One Shot Dungeon Map PreviewNastja’s Ascension is a complete one shot adventure module for Tier 1.

This cavern was claimed by a priestess known as Nastja the Righteous many years ago. In life, she was gifted with divine magical abilities that she used to heal the sick and mend the wounded. She asked nothing in return for the use of her powers. Eventually, she was pursued by those with nefarious intentions and was forced to go into hiding. She found this cavern where she created a gauntlet that visitors must pass. Through her magic, she ensures that there are always obstacles that must be overcome before reaching the magical pool.

This dungeon is combat heavy. Most areas contain creatures that can, or must, be fought.

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Nastja’s Ascension One Shot Dungeon Notes

Location Characteristics

The cavern is unlit unless otherwise indicated.

Area 1

The ledge to the east rises 20 feet above the ground and it very smooth. The stairway to the south has a foul stench.

Area 2

A pair of orcs are struggling to remove some treasure they found in the cavern. The can be surprised if approached from the south.

Area 3

A gray ooze has set a trap in the form of a pile of gems and attacks anyone that enters.

Area 4

This looks to be an abandoned camp.

Area 5

Nastja's Ascension Promo Cover

A clan of goblins in this area are not hostile and could share information if they are treated with respect. They fear what is in Area 8.

Area 6

This old study is messy and most of the papers have turned to dust. A swarm of spiders attacks anyone that disturbs the deck on the eastern wall.

Area 7

A troll is sleeping against the pillar in this area and will attack anyone he sees if disturbed.

Area 8

Nastja offers to let a friendly party drink from the pool. They gain the benefits of a random potion if they drink. They will be allowed to take some of the water with them unless they are hostile toward her.

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