Luminance Hall

Luminance Hall dungeon map - click to purchase at DriveThruRPGThis is Luminance Hall.

Pyria Crawn never asked for much in life, only that the world bend to her every whim. To support her goal, she studied sorcery and became quite adept at manipulating energy to further her cause. She soon realized that she could become unstoppable. Unfortunately for her, others realized it too. The people banded together and defeated her before she could finish her work. She was banished to this lair where her spirit can do little but lament about what might have been.

This dungeon plays with the notions of darkness and light. Some rooms are lit by cracks leading to the outside while other areas are shrouded in darkness. Creatures hide in the shadows. Traps deal in light and heat. There are formidable obstacles, but also great treasure to be had.

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Luminance Hall Dungeon Notes

Location Characteristics

This cavern contains many small holes in the ceiling that extend to the surface allowing dim light to shine down. It is otherwise unlit. Most of these shafts are too small for creatures to fit though. The shafts magnify both sun and moonlight, allowing them to function in most conditions.

Area 1

This hallway is unremarkable except for the beams of light shining down. A hidden door in the northern wall requires an especially keen eye to find. The iron double doors leading to Area 2 are locked and contain a trap that blinds everyone within 20’ of the door when triggered.

Area 2

Just behind the pillar in this area is Garaline Wraithbow, a dwarf veteran seeking treasure. She is initially hostile and ready to fight to protect her claim but recognizes when the odds are not in her favor. She is willing to form a partnership so long as she gets most of the loot.

The wooden door into Area 3 has many holes in it, but it is completely dark on the other side. The door itself is locked.

Area 3

A clan of goblins have setup a camp in this area. They hide behind the pillar and attack anyone that comes through the door. They also have a Dire Wolf that they unleash early in the encounter.

The goblins have collected a number of gems in their travels and a box with some gold.

Area 4

The door to this area is hidden, but there are many holes in the wall that allow the light within to shine through. Outside the room, this light looks like magical illuminated points outlining a constellation, but a close inspection reveals that they are holes into a secret area.

Inside the area is a large opal. It is likely very valuable, but it is anchored to the floor and cursed. Anyone that helps to remove it from this space will have bad luck for several days. It must be returned to deactivate the curse.

Area 5

This room appears to be a gallery. There are various pieces of art along the walls and the walls themselves are a fresco depicting battles with assorted weapons of light.

The iron door to Area 6 is locked and trapped. Anyone within 30’ will take radiant damage if the trap is triggered.

Area 6

The room is aglow with light from a dozen shafts. Water drips down from the ceiling and reflects the light causing the entire room to sparkle.

The statue on the far wall is brightly illuminated and depicts an elf holding a torch. The torch is made of shiny metal that reflect the light from above.

The statue is covered with assorted gems that could be pried loose. Doing so conjures the ghost of Pyria Crawn. An elf sorceress that betrayed her people in her quest for power. She was killed and banished here.

She is initially friendly, but it is a ruse to gain the advantage so she can magically lock the door and attack. She fights to the death out of pure anger.

Area 7

An unremarkable room that looks to have been used for storage.

Area 8

This room is filled with chests. Most were looted long ago. A couple contain a small amount of treasure. One contains a magic item. One is actually a mimic that waits for an adventurer to approach before attacking.

Area 9

This room is filled with magical darkness. There is a lone chest on the western wall. A pair of shadows lurk behind it and attack anyone that approaches. The chest contains 2 magic items and a sack of gold.

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