Locked Labyrinth

Sometimes a dungeon is nothing more than a maze that visitors need to navigate. Is there treasure? Are there monsters? Are there traps? The only way to know is to check out every nook and cranny in search of what you seek. Will you always be rewarded for your efforts? No. Will the effort be worth it? Not always. Will you do it anyway? Yes. Such is the mantra of the dedicated adventurer.

This map was tough to get off the ground. I was in a bit of a rush and wanted to have something with a collapsed portion. As I started drawing it, I decided it would be best to have two entries. That way it can more easily fit into a corner of a larger dungeon. I added the collapse as planned, but then felt it was still missing something. That was when I went crazy with the doors. Simply by the nature of what I had created, there were a ton of locations that warranted having a door. Normally, I might forego the door in some of these, but decided to fully embrace the notion. This dungeon is actually a dream for the Rogue that is struggling to stay engaged. Trap? Monsters? NPCs? Bosses? They can go anywhere.

Key Features

  • The cells in Area 5 are a good place to find one or more NPCs that need to be rescued
  • By the time you get to Area 4, from either direction, you will realize that the doors in this place are insane
  • The collapse in Area 9 might just barely allow a small creature to pass through, but other will need to scout out the hidden door in Area 10
  • When I created Area 8, I envisioned a pen with some ferocious creatures. Safely at bay behind the iron bars, but perhaps there is a weakness in the metal that the party is unaware of

How Did I Draw This Map?

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