Lava Pool

Would you be willing to climb or jump over a pit of molten lava in order to avoid engaging with the enemy? Many an adventurer has taken the chance and many an adventurer has met their doom in this cavern. Some making a tactical decision to outflank their opponent, while others were simply trying to save some time. What will you do?

This dungeon map is small. The end goal is right near the entry, but there is that pesky lava in between. I mostly drew this to try and see if I could get something that resembled lava. It turned out fine. You get the idea. I tried a few options for showing that the lava is several feet below the floor, but ultimately just kept it simple.

Key Features

  • It is likely that the bulk of an opponents forces would be somewhere around Area 3, making Area 2 a great way to shift the balance—assuming there are no traps in the way
  • A properly set trap might be to place the treasure in plain sight in Area 4, making it very tempting for an adventuring party
  • Area 5 might be where the reinforcements are staged and ready to pounce if the invaders take the bait

How Did I Draw This Map?

You can watch me draw this map in GIMP on my YouTube channel. I draw a new map every week and members get them for free.

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