Goblin Lair

Goblin Lair Encounter MapDeep in the shadows of Birnamwood lies this small cavern. The ceiling is only 5 feet high, making it perfect for smaller creatures. Over the years, an assortment of goblin clans have used it has a hideout. Eventually, they get run off by the locals who are fed up with their antics, but another clan settles in soon after.

Area one generally hosts a single guard to watch for visitors. Since visitors are scarce, there is a good chance this guard is asleep. Several years ago, a clan erected an iron door into area 2. This is where the most valuable treasure is stored. The wooden door to area 3 is mostly rotten and falling off the hinges. It makes a loud creak whenever it is disturbed. The leader of the clan holds court in area 4, surround by most of her minions.

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