Percival’s Portal Pair

Percival's Portal Pair One Shot Dungeon MapThis is Percival’s Portal Pair.

A dungeon map with many secrets. No one quite remembers who Percival was, but they know he left behind a pair of portals in his sanctum. Unfortunately, he left no notes to provide any clue as to what lies at the other end of these portals. Those that have dared enter have never returned. Nevertheless, adventurers continue to be drawn to the lab in the hopes of discovering something that other missed. Of course, more nefarious sorts often claim the lair for themselves and must also be dealt with.

This dungeon map packs a lot in a small area. After I finished drawing it, I started adding the area markers and was shocked to count 11 distinct areas where encounters could take place. I especially like that this map has several hidden passageways and plenty of iron and wooden doors to work with.

Key Features of this Map

  • The entry from the outside world into Area 1 is via a 5′ wide shaft that extends 60′ to the surface.
  • Behind the portal in Area 6 is a broken section of stone. This conceals a shaft that descends 20 feet to a passage leading to Area 7.
  • A hidden door in Area 7 allows the party covert access to the far side of Area 8.
  • A hidden passage from Area 9 leads to a ledge overlooking Area 8 from 30 feet above the ground.

How Did I Draw This Dungeon Map?


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