Crypt of Silence

Preview of the Crypt of Silence Dungeon Map

The Crypt of Silence dungeon map was drawn on my live stream on 9/6/2022.

The inner walls of this cavern are thin and made of a porous rock. This has the effect of dampening sounds within. The occupant of this tomb is unknown. The markings on the sarcophagus unfamiliar.

The tomb has been looted many times over throughout the year, but it continues to be used by some as a hideout or even laboratory. Whatever the current purpose, adventurer’s are always in for a surprise.

When drawing this dungeon, I wanted to experiment with a thinner wall arrangement. By making thinner walls, I am able to squeeze even more locations into the location.

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Crypt of Silence One Shot Dungeon Notes

Location Characteristics

The cavern is unlit unless otherwise indicated.

Area 1

The entryway drops visitors into a small chamber filled with moss and a musty smell. It is immediately noticeable that sound fades quickly.

Area 2

A crossroads with multiple options.

Area 3

An NPC has setup a camp here and is willing to join the party for a share of anything they recover. The hidden passage to area 4 is difficult to spot.

Area 4

Perhaps the only part of the cavern that has not been looted, this area is filled with books and journals of the person entombed. There is also a small amount of gold.

Area 5

The walls of this hall are lined with an assortment of spores, some of which are poisonous.

Area 6

At one time, this was a library filled with the books of the occupant. The books have rotted away and the shelves are also in disrepair. A thorough search will uncover some spell scrolls.

Area 7

The hall of paintings. It is clearly visible where a collection of art used to hang on the walls. They were stolen a long time ago. At the end of the hall a band of thugs is trying unlock the door into Area 8. They do not welcome visitors.

Area 8

Everything in this area is silent. To hear someone, you must get right next to them and yell. Any further away and the sound is absorbed. This makes it impossible to hear the rats that have infested area 9.

Area 9

Three swarms of rats have overwhelmed this area. They blanket the stairs and will attack anyone that approaches. The stairs lead to an area not covered in this adventure.

Area 10

A ghost has taken up residence in this area. It is not the ghost of the person in the sarcophagus, but rather a wandering spirit that desired peace and quiet. If the party disturbs him and refuses to leave, then he attacks.

How Did I Draw the Crypt of Silence?


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