Crevasse Cavern

Some doors are made of wood. Others of iron. But sometimes the best door is simply a crevasse that drops so far you cannot when a dropped stone hits the bottom. This cavern is a popular space for bandits to setup shop and store their loot. Adventurers should be careful not to underestimate the challenges that lie in front of them .

This was really an exercise to try and find a better way to draw deep pits. I had used a few different methods in the past, but never really liked the look of them. I experimented with gradients and using angled lines and found a system that sells it pretty well. I’ve since used this in other maps.

Key Features

  • Area 2 is split in two and is a great place for a party to have to sneak by some camped goblins or other creatures
  • The hidden door in Area 4 could save a lot of trouble later on if it is found.
  • A party in need of a rest might find what they need in Area 6
  • There is no bottom to this crevasse. It is too far to jump safely for most, but the rocks on the edges have lots of hand holds

How Did I Draw This Map?

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