Boiling Chasm

The Boiling Chasm dungeon map was drawn on my live stream on 9/13/2022.

The heat in this cavern becomes overwhelming as you get closer and closer to the lava pool. The water flowing into the cavern instantly vaporizes when it hits the lava. This causes a permanent cloud to fill the cavern making it difficult to see. At the entry, this is little more than a mist. Once at the lava pool itself, visibility is limited to 5 feet..

I envisioned a cavern where a waterfall emptied into a river of lava where the entire cavern had limited visibility. I didn’t quite get the waterfall effect I was going for, but the map still accomplishes the goal.

I hope you enjoy it. The notes are below.

Boiling Chasm One Shot Dungeon Notes

Location Characteristics

This cavern is hazy, hot, and humid. As the party gets closer to the lava, visibility gets less and less and the heat becomes unbearable to the point where checks might be needed to determine how well they are adapting.

Area 1

The heat in this area is merely noticeable and the air has a slight mist. Moss grows along the ground. A thorough check of the southeastern wall will reveal cracks and the hidden passageway. The stairs in the hidden passageway are extremely steep and slippery. A foul stench flows from the stairs to the west.

Area 2

Bandits once used this area for a base, but never dared descend further due to the heat. They have since abandoned their camp, but some of their crates remain. Some searching might reveal a few items of value and a few forgotten pieces of gold, but nothing magical.

Area 3

A couple thugs hide in the southeastern corner and wait for someone to fall into their trap. They attack anyone that comes into their line of sight and attempt to push them onto the trap trigger. (marked on the map with a dot). If successful, the trap shoots a volley of arrows striking anyone occupying the indicated squares.

Area 4

Once in this area, the heat from the lava is approaching unbearable. The air is thick with moisture from the vaporized water and it is hard to breathe. Anyone exerting themselves will tire very quickly. There are a number of molds and funguses growing all through this room. Any disturbance will cause them to unleash their spores.

Areas 5 & 6

These areas are teeming with both steam mephits and magma mephits. The creatures have formed an alliance and enjoy basking in the environment. The magma mephits mostly live on the ledge marking area 6. The steam mephits live in the alcove to the northwest of area 5. They are not necessarily hostile, but are not keen on those that might interfere with their fun.

Area 7

An adventurer from long ago hid their treasure here and then died before they could retrieve it. They linked it to a trap that goes off if the locked chest is disturbed. From this area, it is possible to climb up to the river. That tunnel is tall enough for a medium-sized creature to walk through with ease.

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How Did I Draw the Boiling Chasm?

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