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My name is John Storta Jr. In the RPG world, I go by the handle OldSchoolNPC. I love D&D and I particularly like creating fantasy maps and one shot adventures for any tabletop RPG.

Every week I host a live stream where I draw a dungeon map in real time. That map is then sent to my subscribers for free.

My Weekly One Shots are perfect for a GM that needs a side quest with minimal preparation. You can get the full modules from DriveThruRPG.

I have other projects in motion as well and love to talk about D&D and Pathfinder and other RPGs. Check back here and follow me on Twitter for all the latest updates.

Live Stream Schedule

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GIMP Cartography

Tuesdays at 7pm ET

On this stream, I take you through my process for drawing a dungeon map using GIMP. I start with only an idea and then draw the map in real-time. Think ‘Joy of Painting‘ but with dungeon maps. If you are a subscriber, you get these maps for free once they are polished.

Latest Posts

The Boiling Chasm dungeon map was drawn on my live stream on 9/13/2022. The heat in this cavern becomes overwhelming as you get closer and closer to the lava pool. The water flowing into the cavern instantly vaporizes when it hits the lava. This causes a permanent cloud to fill …

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Preview of the Crypt of Silence Dungeon Map
The Crypt of Silence dungeon map was drawn on my live stream on 9/6/2022. The inner walls of this cavern are thin and made of a porous rock. This has the effect of dampening sounds within. The occupant of this tomb is unknown. The markings on the sarcophagus unfamiliar. The …

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Nastja's Ascension One Shot Dungeon Map Preview
Nastja’s Ascension is a complete one shot adventure module for Tier 1. This cavern was claimed by a priestess known as Nastja the Righteous many years ago. In life, she was gifted with divine magical abilities that she used to heal the sick and mend the wounded. She asked nothing …

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The Weekly One-Shot for this week is Luminance Hall. Pyria Crawn never asked for much in life, only that the world bend to her every whim. To support her goal, she studied sorcery and became quite adept at manipulating energy to further her cause. She soon realized that she could …

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Spelljammer was released this week and, of course, I had to pick up a copy so I could talk about it on my live stream. Here are my initial thoughts on the collection. 
The Weekly One-Shot for this week is the Tomb of Cowards. A century ago, the town of Cragfall called upon the services of three brothers to help them defend the citizens from a looming dragon attack. When the attack arrived, the brothers fled from the danger and hid behind the …

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Week 6 of Dungeon Crawl 2022. Connecting the water is always a challenge as it is very hard to get the color and brightness to match. I made some adjustments in the overall map to merge it together. For this map I used the constellation of Orion as my base. …

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Smoldering Catacombs One Shot Dungeon Map
This Weekly One-Shot is The Smoldering Catacombs. This tomb was constructed ages ago near the base of a dormant volcano. When the volcano came back to life, it began to reclaim the land around it. These catacombs are slowly falling victim to the underground lava flows. Multiple holes have opened …

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Week 5 of Dungeon Crawl 2022. This one presented some challenges as I needed to actually connect the water to the previous map. I will face the same issue next week since I had the river extend off to the left. I wanted to create a temple with the water …

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This Weekly One Shot is Percival’s Portal Pair. A dungeon map with many secrets. No one quite remembers who Percival was, but they know he left behind a pair of portals in his sanctum. Unfortunately, he left no notes to provide any clue as to what lies at the other …

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